Master QR Generator

This plugin automatically generates a QR code whenever you publish a post/page/custom post. Users will be able to scan their smartphones and then go to the desired link. Each QR code is unique

You can turn off any post type from the QR code’s settings page, if you want to close single or multiple posts or pages or products, you can do so easily from the meta box.

Free Version Features

  • QR For Post Type – post, page, product, custom post

  • Beautifull DotScale QR

  • Changing QR Size

  • Customize DotScale range

  • QR Alignment setting

  • Excluded from Post types

  • Metabox Support

Premium Version Features

In the premium version, you will get the benefit of bulk print. And you can use a built-in shortcode and widget to create custom links, current page URLs, WiFi access, Google Map location, phone numbers, WhatsApp chats. For Elementor users, you’ll find the ‘Master QR’ add-on in the initial edit panel, and you’ll be able to use it easily with multiple options

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